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January 29, 2007 by teasley · 2 Comments · Instructional Media and Technology

This morning I read an article from Yahoo! Tech that stated laptop users can increase the lifespan of their computers by closing the cover of their laptops when they are not in use.  Robin Raskin said it was her experience that “after two or three years, hard disk failure in laptops [are] pretty common.”  It is hard to believe that we spend so much money to have laptops that will last only a few short years.  It seems that manufactures intentionally build laptops to have a short lifespan so that consumers are constantly buying new, upgraded computers.  I see this same trend in most tech items today (i.e. cell phones).  I question what consumers can do to stop this trend from occurring.

Robin Raskin’s article:


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  • trey25

    I don’t think companies intentionally build or make computers that don’t last. I think the problem is that we don’t take care of what we have. Once we buy a computer, cell phone, or any other tech item you might own. Like people think things are just about looks, people would rather not put a case on a cell phone because it might take away from how it looks or close a laptop or maybe even cover it when your not using it to keep dust out.

  • Wes Tanner

    Wow…..that is really hard to believe. We spend mega bucks for these computers and are never told that this computer will have to be replaced in a maximum of 3 to 4 years. I agree with you completely in saying that it could be that the manufacturers may be doing this on purpose just to push the boundaries of the consumer. In reality, this problem is as much our fault as it is the producers. We are allowing them to take full advantage of us and as long as that continues none of the prices will go down on anything. Hopefully one day the public consumer as a whole will take a stand and finally draw the line somewhere.

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